Industry study report »Software Drives. Digital Capabilities for Automotive Innovators 2030«

Looking at the software skills a company will require to succeed in the automotive industry in the future? These report is based on in-depth interviews with experts and decision-makers in the automotive, IT and telecommunications sectors. Their responses were summarised to provide an overall picture. The report examines required key competences, when software evolves into the dominant driver of innovation and brand differentiation.

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What capabilities do suppliers need to cope with digital transformation in the automotive industry? This is the central question examined by this report, which was published in the summer of 2017 as part of the Software Drives series. 

Digital transformation and networking are now in full swing in automotive industry. Programmes have been introduced to make changes on all fronts, from key digital projects to experiments with service-dominated business models. The shift towards service-driven business models is challenging how entire companies and systems are organised, yet succeeding as a service provider revolves around different principles compared to businesses that merely supply products.

As a result, digital transformation with respect to automobiles is a completely new challenge for the industry. As well as changing technology paradigms, it also changes factors relating to the underlying business logic, models, setups and workflows. This report – based on a management survey looking at ‘Software Drives. Digital Capabilities for Automotive Innovators 2030’ – shows how producers and suppliers will need to reorganise themselves in order to cope with digital transformation.


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  • A thorough situational analysis
    After examining your strategy and framework conditions, we carry out an assessment on the extent to which existing technologies and architectures, workflows and business structures will continue to be suitable for pursuing your business goals.
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    We ensure that technologies, processes and your organisational structure work in harmony, showing which changes will need to be made and where.
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