»Automotive SPICE goes Mechatronics« pocket guide

Systems engineering in conjunction with software, hardware and mechanical development: In this pocket guide, you will find all the key processes you need for the integrated and coordinated development of mechatronic systems in vehicles.

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  • 2021 published
  • approx. 132 pages
  • 21 x 10.5 cm
  • numerous illustrations

This pocket guide is aimed at practitioners in the field of mechatronic systems development for vehicles: project managers, developers and engineers who want to improve their workflows and coordinate collaboration across the board. 

With plug-ins for mechanical development and hardware development, they can now use the Automotive SPICE® process reference model, which is well established in system and software development, as a uniform framework for the development of complete mechatronic systems. The pocket guide provides them with a basic introduction to this. The standard texts for each of the required processes are presented in a structured manner to ensure a common understanding among all participants. In addition, there are overviews of dependencies in project coordination and the references required by Automotive SPICE® (traceability). Easy to have at hand, the practical pocket guide supports the daily work in the development project.

SPICE applied on mechatronic systems

How to get the pocket guide

For your convenience, you can download the Automotive SPICE goes Mechatronics pocket guide free of charge in digital format (PDF).

Automotive SPICE® is the Central European automotive industry's reference model for improving and evaluating processes. It is used in the development of mechatronic systems with a focus on the software and system parts of the product. From version 3 of the model, it is possible to extend Automotive SPICE® to include other engineering disciplines.

Experts from the automotive industry have presented plug-ins for both the hardware and the mechanics. These are in use in numerous companies. The plug-ins were published under the co-lead of Kugler Maag Cie under the aegis of intacs™, an independent community of interest of experts and assessors.

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