Automotive Agile

In an automotive industry undergoing transformation, remaining adaptable is crucial for competitiveness. An agile development organization gives you the ability to quickly adjust your team, project or even your company to new product requirements or market needs.

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Agility refers to the key ability of a company or one of its business functions to adapt quickly to changing requirements. These may be new customer requirements or changes in the market environment. Being an agile company is about being self-organized, with small teams and units that can manage themselves with autonomy. These teams keep in close contact with customers and this makes it possible for them to react quickly to customer expectations. Being so close to the market allows your business units to become customer-centric and quickly understand what is expected of them. This also empowers an agile company to lay foundations to become a learning organization.

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  • Getting your company ready and making them more adaptable
  • Creating individual concepts for your organizational structures and workflows
  • Scaling Agile teams at your company at an interdepartmental level
  • Identifying processes spanning multiple models
  • Allowing your requirements to dovetail with industry requirements such as guidelines and requirements
  • Assessments and evaluations in order to understand the status of your development functions
  • Automotive software training and coaching sessions for your employees