Functional safety ensures your company isn’t exposed to a serious threat due to a malfunction in the vehicle or any of the systems contained in a vehicle. We help you develop and update your development processes, conduct safety audits and assessments, and provide experts with training.

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Are you involved in the development of vehicle electronics, control units, electronic systems, or components used for safety-critical functions in cars? If you are, your work is subject to the requirements of ISO 26262, a standard specifically developed for the functional safety of series-production vehicles. Developing software, embedded electronic systems and other forms of technology is becoming increasingly complex, making it necessary to meet the requirements of ISO 26262 not only to prevent damage to vehicles, but also to avoid the risk of product recalls or compensation claims.

ISO 26262 now defines required technology standards by providing an established procedural model for the development and series-production of vehicles. It also provides a standard combining the procedural model with required tasks, outputs, work products and methods that should be applied in each of these areas.


We can support you with

  • Improving your processes to keep them up to date with the latest safety standards – so you can develop and sell reliable, available, maintainable and functional products
  • Designing and rolling out safety management systems
  • Conducting safety audits to confirm that your safety management fulfils relevant requirements
  • Knowing for certain if a supplier really can provide you with the right components
  • Building the capability to assess the functional safety of electronic systems and components 
  • Building the capability to provide staff training on all aspects of functional safety
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