A clever hacker might come in through the back door at some unknown point in your development process. Before you know it, the mechanisms you put in place to protect your technology in a connected vehicle won’t work anymore. Systematic risk assessment can show you the real areas that are under threat. We systematically and methodically improve your processes to ensure threats can be pinpointed and shielded against in advance, as well as ensuring that your company and systems enjoy the best possible protection.

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  • Automotive Cybersecurity


    Many people would not buy a new car these days if it didn’t offer 24/7 connectivity. Internet access is a now fundamental ingredient of many comfort features and mobility services. But in cybersecurity terms, these features conceal many unseen risks.


      • Safeguards must work for all aspects of cybersecurity – the product itself, processes and IT systems. 
      • Safeguards must be in place for the entire guaranteed service life of a vehicle

      Manufacturers are not just responsible for cybersecurity during product development and production. Cybersecurity measures also have to be in place for when a car is being driven, when car owners are using vehicles and associated services – even years after the last car in a series rolls off the production line.

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      • Fostering awareness for the need for comprehensive end-to-end safeguards
      • Detailed assessments of any threats posed 
      • Matching your cybersecurity policies to processes, products and IT requirements; managing involved specialists
      • Assessing and improving your development processes with respect to security issues
      • Adapting existing workflows and procedures to address key cybersecurity issues
      • Ensuring systems conform to UNECE homologation guidelines
      • Definition and introduction of new development processes in keeping with the requirements of ISO/SAE 21434
      • Evaluation, development and implementation of cybersecurity management systems
      • Selection of relevant security technology and industry standards according to your requirements
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